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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Affordable Christmas Gift Guide For Him

I can't believe it's nearly that time of the year again, where has the time gone?!? Ladies I'm sure you can all agree with me, shopping for men can be the most challenging part of your Christmas shopping,  they either seem to have everything already or don't want anything at all. This is why I tend to go for the basics, the things I know he needs but wouldn't buy for himself.  If you are struggling for ideas here's a few:-

1. Boxers - Unlike us women,  most men don't know how to replace underwear instead we have got to do the clear out as well the replacement for them ( I don't remember the last time my boyfriend bought himself boxers), so new pairs are always a treat.

2. Shirts - Smart shirts are a good gift if you are buying for someone who wears formal clothes to work or majority of the time. Moss London is my go to website/store for quality slim fit shirts, their 3 for 2 prices gets me all the time!

3. Watch - This is the most expensive thing on the list but it's worth it. Who doesn't love a good timepiece? I have an obession for the classic Daniel Wellington watches, I think it's the simplicity that's appealing to me which makes them very elegant and timeless. DW are currently giving a 10% discount if you purchase two watches so why not treat your self as well by getting the same watch in a smaller size (petite collection) which is the women's version.

4. Aftershave - You simply can't go wrong with a decent fragrance! Of course you want your man smelling all kinds of yummy right? My all time favourite masculine scents are the Chanel Bleu , Jo Malone Orris & Sandalwood Cologne (unisex), Dior Sauvage  , Tom Ford Black Orchid and Ralph Lauren Polo Black . 

5. Grooming kit -  Grooming kits are always a good idea, however make sure you put some thought into it and get something the person will appreciate and make use of. For someone with a beard, this Wahl beard care kit from Debenhams has all the essentials needed to maintain it well from combs, a brush and a smoothening oil.

Note: It's all about quality not quantity. Whatever it is that you buy put some thought into it and ask yourself if you would be happy with the gift if you were the one receiving it.

 I wish the list was a bit longer but I’m running out of ideas myself so any other suggestions in the comments will be muchly appreciated :) x



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