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Saturday, 30 September 2017

He is just not that into you...

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If there is one thing I've learnt about men during my dating experience is that they are very transparent and upfront with their intentions, us women just overlook it in hopes they would change right? The truth is when a guy is into you the signs are clear as a day. I believe men are born to pursue women  and if you find yourself in a situation that is the other way round that is an obvious sign he is not into you. Usually this type of guy will string you along until he decide what he wants, it's generally because he already knows what he doesn't want (you) so the earlier you realise this the better.  These are some signs he might just be playing games with you:-

1) You are always the one initiating contact - when a guy is into you he loves talking to you and always checks up on you when he doesn't hear from you. (When I started dating my boyfriend he would tell me about the number of times he got caught messaging me under the desk at work ha.)

In my opinion; if it takes him a day to send a text back he is certainly sending you a message of another kind.  Nowadays people are always on their phone. You are just not a priority.

2) He only speak to you when it suits him - this is the guy who just disappears or stops talking to you  without an explanation. You will probably hear from him again when he is drunk, bored or in some cases things aren't okay at home (in other words you are the side chick - which takes us to my next point)

3) He is already involved with someone else - you might not or  you might be aware but simply don't care or have you a little hope aka delusional. He might say everything you want to hear but if there is someone in his life already, he surely can't be giving you his all.

4)... *sigh*

Listen, I could go on with the list but I hate having to repeat the obvious. My point is if a guy wants you, you'll know it. Mixed signals are a myth. So what do you do now you have realised the he isn't the one? Release your hope for him babyguuurl, let go and move on with your life! it was never serious in the first place. As women our problem is we tend to fall for words rather than actions, some men are scam STAY WOKE and don't get stringed along in situationships. The reality is you will end up disappointed if you think everyone is for you. When things doesn't work out like you hoped they would and it's beyond your control all you can do is focus on yourself, one day you will be glad it turned out the way it did.  In my previous blog I mentioned the importance of leaving a bad situation - your soul mate might be somewhere out there but you are blocking this blessing if you keep holding on to "Mr MAN" who has ZERO interest in you. And besides you are still young, enjoy the dating experience without getting too attached to people. Not everyone you talk to is going to be boyfriend material and don't be in a rush to settle down that you end up settling instead.



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